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Honoring Mary Magdelene  Cacao Ceremony

Ceremony + Cacao  Starter Kit

Sunday morning July 18

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✓ Ticket to Honouring Mary Magdalene Sacred Cacao Ceremony July 18

✓ Goddess Temple Ceremonial Cacao Starter Kit (All full size bags: Powder 225g; Paste 180; Tea 200g) delivered to your home



✓ Hypnotherapy Recording: Change Your Reality Through Optimal Thinking  

✓ Cacao Ceremony Meditation Audio 

✓ Cacao Ceremony Playlist


✓ How to Make Ceremonial Cacao for this Sacred Ceremony: Video

✓ How to Create A Ceremonial Cacao Morning Ritual Guide + Recipe


Ceremony: 10:30am-12:30 EST

2 hours online through ZOOM. This event will not be recorded.